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A conservative leader who attended the meeting with Facebook executives last week says the meeting created results.
Most users won’t really notice the changes but David Bozell of For America says it’s a good start to level out the bias that Facebook was putting into its “trending news” feed.
“I think they recognize that the news outlets that they were relying on to populate their trending topics service were wickedly leftwing,” Bozell says of the social media giant.
“The solution that they’ve apparently come to,” he says, “is to get rid of all the news outlets altogether.”

While that might mitigate the anti-conservative bias, Bozell says it will do little to solve the identity crisis of the news feed that came when a social media site started getting into the news business.
“Was it supposed to be something that was trending worldwide,” he asks, “or was it supposed to be news that was trending within your own individual preferences?”
Facebook was trying to mix both, says Bozell, “and it bit them.”
Facebook appears to have taken the concerns of conservatives seriously and the changes announced this week are a beginning, he tells OneNewsNow.
“I hope that they bring more conservative personnel into these different departments, into these different product lines to give them a more complete point of view of the world,” he says.

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