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how to increase website traffic that will eventually enable you to earn money from it. To make matters more competitive, Facebook is also coming up with innovative means to help you earn money online.

Users of Facebook can now earn money by sharing their posts or contents by allowing users to utilize its instant articles tools by broadcasting ads to the readers living in different parts of the world.
The best part is, users can earn fast money online by sitting home and Facebook is going to make it even simpler and faster.
This announcement was made on The Verge implying that this social media giant will also enable its users to enjoy some profits by sharing their own unique content. Find out how you can come up with brilliantly tailored creative ways to generate marvelous content ideas.
Visitors of the Facebook page can get redirected using the “call to action” tab for various donations pages where they can integrate a platform for collecting the revenue after accumulating money from their unique posts.
For now, only news publishers are making money through Facebook by introducing tools and specialized online ads. However, individual users are still not granted to enjoy Facebook’s recent tweak in its algorithm.
According to a recent report published in the quarter of 2016, it was found that out of every dollar spent on online advertising, 85 cents either goes to Google or Facebook depending on the medium one wishes to advertise his/her product or service.

Facebook is constantly innovating the concept of internet marketing and surprisingly, it has already figured out that this billion dollar worth social media has the capacity to revolutionize the internet. Let’s see what else comes along in the future.
Credit to http://thetechnews.com/2016/05/30/facebook-will-now-lets-you-earn-money-online/